Emerald makes Exams better.


Our intutive, flexible interface makes it easy to create an exam in minutes.

You can copy & paste questions from Microsoft Word or write questions with rich text formatting.

If you prefer, Emerald can be coupled with a paper prompt instead.

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Students these days didn't grow up learning cursive and writing by hand.

It shows in their handwriting, and it slows them down when they're trying to show what they know.

With Emerald, students can use their personal laptops to take exams with the tool they're comfortable with: a keyboard.

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Preparing, distributing, and collecting exams becomes effortless with Emerald.

Your dashboard shows you which students are ready to begin, and when students have submitted.

Start an exam whenever you're ready. You can display a countdown timer on the projector, and students get their own timer as well.

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Print an exam with a single click; students' answers appear on separate pages for easy readability.

You can also download a folder of individual Microsoft Word or PDF Documents.

We even provide a Google Document for each student, so you have the option to instantly share your comments.

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